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Level 50 Nuian Primeval
Level 50 Nuian Executioner
Level 50 Nuian Daggerspell
Level 0 Elf Tamer
Level 0 Elf Wizard
Level 50 Elf Arcanist
Level 50 Nuian Spellsinger
Level 50 Nuian Darkrunner
Level 41 Nuian Abolisher
Level 50 Human Sorcerer
Level 50 Nuian Skullknight
Level 50 Elf Daggerspell
Level 12 Human Warrior
Level 43 Elf Demonologist
Level 50 Nuian Shadowblade
Level 23 Human Wizard
Level 50 Elf Stone Arrow
Level 50 Nuian Abolisher
Level 50 Elf Dreambreaker
Level 30 Human Tamer
Level 1 Elf Sorcerer
Level 41 Elf Shroudmaster
Level 13 Elf Ranger
Level 50 Nuian Daggerspell
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