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Team Speak 3:

Exalted is a PVP focused branched guild meaning yes you may play the game how ever you want and we advise you do BUT we also advise you participate in guild GvG and GvG practices despite which branch you are in. We only ask this because of the fact that guilds can only hold 100 members after such we will need to make sub guildes and link them in order to have members over 100. This will make GvG for the PVP players hard if only the 30% of them were fighting for the land that im sure we all want. So we ask you other branch members to help them out, even if you are not very skilled in PVP, having more numbers is always best!

This guild operates through a branch system. Each branch will have its respective branch representative, branch reps are members who represent their branch in offical guild councils and conferences, to which they will discuss their branches opinions, concerns, and suggestions for the guild in game. Please note branch reps ARE NOT the leaders of their branch they do not give commands or orders and are not noted to do so. The only members who will be giving orders are the guild Warmongers, and other guilds officals with Officer rank or higher.

The Guild Branches vary from PVP, PVE / Crafters, RP, Casual, and Politicans. ((Note: You can be in multiple branches at once but must confirm your PRIMARY branch.))

The PVP branch representative is currently: Stingswift

The Crafters Branch representative is currently: Mr. Foundation (Oggy)

The RP Branch represtative is currently: Undecided

The Casual Players Branch is currently: Undecided

And the Politicans Branch is currently: Aplethora

If you would like to sign up for the election of one of the branch representatives contact a guild offical and they first verify you are fit for the position. If you are successful in fitting the position then you will first be confirmed that you would like to be in that position and an election will be done.


Mr. Foundation (Oggy)

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