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re: A Warm Welcome.


The smell of blood and steel clogged the senses of my nose from all others. . . The ground before me. . . Wet with not only the natural rain water . . . But also the blood that has been shed upon thy battle field. The rain that had fallen shortly before making the already soft ground a slippery mud slide that with the wrong movement could have you on your back without hesitation. Even the air was moist. . . for in breathing it in gave the slight taste of the ocean not to far. . . salty. . . very salty. . . was this salty taste the air. . . or the blood that was splattered upon my face. I could not tell the difference as i had my mind, eyes, and body all focused on the enemy in view.

Imps. . . Imps of all shapes and sizes surrounding my every direction in case of a hasty retreat. They pounded their weapons on the ground yells and chanting. . . Maybe it was to late to call a truce. . . or even a parley. . . I was sure they were enraged as many other adventures stampeded through their land slaughtering their friends and family for their valuables. I knew for a fact there was no reasoning with them at that point. . .  

The Imps all charged at me closing in fast. . . Speaking of fast. . . Instead of sitting idly i had to act fast. . . I Stomped the ground sending a wave of black magical sand crashing through the front lines of their assault. Afterwards spinning rapidly and creating a whirling of magical energy around me knocking the imps off their feet. I had successfully defended but i had to take this advantage. 

I drew my sword plunging it into the ground and chanting the sacred words of conjuration. Shortly after a great black wolf arose from the ground howling loudly as it is awaken from its slumber! The wolf takes no time at all knowing of why it was summoned slashing and biting at the imps before me as i fight along side it. The battle raged on for ages as other adventures continued to march through their lands slaughtering all in site. . . And i was no different.

A single moon had risen and fell as the glaring rays of sunlight slowly rose. . . And a new day beckoned along with it. I found myself on the back of my blacken wolf as it slowly walked in the direction of town. . . I could not move my legs nor arms. . . and hardly open my eyes. . . All i could feel was a sharp pain along my back and the trickling of wet moisture following along with it. . . I knew this pain. . . As it was very common. But it was the first time i had felt such pain in these new lands. . . It was. . .


A Warm Welcome. . .



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