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Joined: 18 Sep 2014
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re: A New Day!


A chirping of birds is heard as the disorienting rays of sunlight peer through the thin curtains hanging calmly above the window seal. A long yawn echos from one of the master bedrooms, as i stretch and slowly sit up from my bed. 

"Ready. . . !"

I slightly arch my back in a cat-like motion preparing for the morning routine.


"Go. . . !"

I pounce off of the bed gaining altitude dramatically as i slowly turn upside down and latch onto the sealing of the room, then pouncing again to the nearby window not realizing the distance and bonking my head on the bad holding up the curtain. A loud thump echos from the master bedroom as i barely recover holding out a hand and landing upon it to then slowly placing my feet on the ground once more. I then rub my head peering out the window at the newly arisen sun and laughing mildly.

"A new day for me. . . and an old day for you. . ."

I slightly nod my head as i go to the shower and freshen up then throwing on some new garments i had bought recently from the markets yesterday.

I begin to make my way to the main hall as i open my bedroom door and walk down the long hall of other bedrooms of which are mostly vacant, smiling at the thought of them all being filled up with people of different cultures, races, and sizes. Then finally getting to the main hall.

It was vast and large as two large sculptures of Ents lie on either side of the doors. A purple carpet with gold trim lines up with the doors leading all the way to the main staircase of which i am standing on, as well as a variety of different ornaments along the walls. I turn and face another set of two large wooden doors of which i slowly open to not disturb the others who still slumber in the halls by the creaking and cracking it produces. I looked upon the main office room filled to the brim with books, tomes, devices, and magical items most of them set inside glass boxes. 

"I wounder if anyone else has awaken already."

 I say as i move toward the large purple chair sitting behind the desk almost twice as big as my tiny body and sit happily upon it opening up a journal of sorts and scribbling some new ideas.

La Gaul

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Joined: 21 Dec 2015
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re: A New Day!


You made me smile on a bad day.

Thank You! >_<

I hope your head is ok!

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